Private Nursery Ayr

Our vision is to create a safe, stimulating and healthy environment in which our children feel respected, valued and included; where the foundations are nurtured for them to become confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors and successful learners.


At Doonvale Private Nursery School we all try to be helpful, patient, kind, understanding, fair, trustworthy, responsible, respectful, active, healthy, to have a good sense of humour and enjoy our time at Nursery. Values identified in discussions with children and staff.

Since opening Doonvale in April 2003, some of the achievements over the years have been:


  • Accreditation as a Health Promoting School

  • Successful HMIe Inspection in 2006, 2010 and 2014

  • Annual Care Commission inspections and reports

  • Positive working partnership with South Ayrshire's Pre-Five department

  • Implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence in The Granary

  • Regular participation in Ayrshire Music Festival

  • Smooth and effective transition between nursery classes and nursery to primary school

However, our biggest achievement we believe is in providing a happy, warm, safe, secure, stimulating and challenging environment in which our children thrive, gain confidence, self esteem and are encouraged to develop their full potential.

Doonvale Private Nursery School, Doonholm Road, Alloway, Ayr KA6 6BL T: 01292 440400 


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