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Other playrooms:

The Byre (0-2yrs)


Babies are introduced to life in “Doonvale” in the stimulating surroundings of The Byre. Members of staff endeavour to provide a caring, active environment. It is recognised from the outset that babies have varied needs and these are, in turn, nurtured and developed. The room, specifically designed with younger children in mind, is colourfully decorated; displaying early baby exhibits and photographs which depict activities encountered on a regular basis.


Educational research has stressed the importance of sensory play experiences and these are provided through a variety of activities e.g. water, messy play and painting sessions. Heuristic play is an integral part of the Birth to Three Curriculum and from a very early age, babies need to be introduced to a wide variety of materials. Accordingly there is a large selection of toys, play equipment and everyday items available in this department of the Nursery and children are allowed the opportunity and freedom to explore and investigate these materials independently.


Nutritious snacks and meals offer new tastes and textures to experience and savour. An area of this room has been specifically designated for sleep and rest, while the more active children will be encouraged to “explore their world.” For these children, activities are extended and new focused learning goals are designed to challenge individual needs. The covered play facility enables babies to spend time outdoors throughout the year in a safe and secure setting.


Members of staff aim to provide an interesting curriculum, which helps stimulate each child’s natural curiosity.


Socially, children are encouraged to mix and “converse” with other children and members of staff. The Byre provides a friendly, caring environment, which continues to develop each child’s confidence and offers opportunities to explore new learning situations.

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