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Other playrooms:

The Granary (3-5 yrs)


When children move into The Granary, they enter into an area, which has been specifically designed to allow them to explore, experiment and consolidate previous learning.


The room is bright and spacious and full of children’s exhibits. The four capacities and the principles behind the Curriculum for Excellence, as well as the outcomes / experiences for the Early Level are closely adhered to in the planning and execution of day to day activities in The Granary.


Great importance is placed on the Health and Wellbeing of our children. They are  encouraged to be independent in personal care routines, make choices and decisions for themselves, respect and take into consideration the feelings of others, share resources, play co-operatively and enjoy plenty of energetic activity indoors and out.


Always nutritious, snack and meal times are lively events that enable children to develop their communication skills and table manners.

The children in The Granary have access to a wide range of resources and experiences in free play situations such as:


●     Sensory play
●     Construction
●     Role play
●     Computer
●     Writing table
●     Maths area
●     Table top games / jigsaws
●     Art and Craft activities
●     Sand / Water trays
●     Discovery Window 


Exploration and investigiation

The children also have the opportunity to participate in P.E. / Games, Drama, Music, Movement and Story Telling as well as small group times which focus on basic numeracy and literacy skills.


Throughout the academic year, there are various events which take place including  a Christmas concert, various outings and parties, participation in the Ayrshire Music Festival, Sports Days, Graduation ceremony and Leavers trip.


Our main aim in The Granary is to prepare our children for the challenge of school. It is our mission to help them to grow into confident individuals who are eager to make sense of the world and, above all, remain motivated learners.

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